UNT's Scientific Computing Continuum for Science and Innovation

Through a wide range of computational resources, NTSC4 can help you solve the most challenging science problems.

North Texas Scientific Computing is a non-curricular research and training environment for scientific computing and analytics. This computing unit promotes the efficient use of a scientific-computing continuum — capabilities from PC to petascale — to help solve complex challenges in science and society. 

Four Core Services

Train, Scope, Scale, SecureThe NTSC unit enables an incremental pattern of success through four services.

Train: computational workforce
Scope: research incubation and prototype application codes
Scale: applied computing across platforms
Secure: grant collaborations, funding and industry partnerships

To further enable and create new capabilities and opportunities in scientific innovation, the NTSC brings together faculty expertise in both scientific computing technologies and application areas. NTSC helps to prepare students to join the next generation of a science-based technical workforce through education and research experiences. The NTSC also provides an excellent platform for entrepreneurial training and innovative industry-research partnership opportunities. 

Please join us in this forward-thinking and collaborative enterprise — together, we face the scientific challenges that produce innovative, positive societal influences! 

Write to us at SciComp-Support@unt.edu for more information or to explore your collaborative opportunities. 

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